I Love, Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is definitely a time for romantic lovers, boxes of chocolates, roses, little love notes and all that mumbo jumbo. My question is though, where does that leave us single girls and guys in a world where one day of out of the year we are forced to question our relationship status!? Yes, having a significant other on Valentine’s Day is amazing and wonderful but when you’re single, this day kinda blows (tbh).

This year, I’ll be spending Valentine’s’ Day single and that’s honestly totally okay with me. I’ve learned how to make myself happy and I chose to dedicate this day to doin’ me and self-love. I’m going to conquer and take this day to do what make me happy. Last year (2017), was the year of self-love and figuring out ways to love myself more and although I don’t have a secret recipe and I’m definitely not a perfect human being, I learned so much about why loving myself first is the best thing I can ever do. So instead of waiting around for Mr. Right (I know he’ll come along), I’m living my life for me. Valentine’s Day is just another day to validate love for you, your significant other and your loved ones because let’s face it – you should show your love every damn day of your lives.

Although I’m single, my forever valentine is definitely my new puppy, Oliver! I can’t describe how much I love him because I literally can’t put it into words. Oliver shows me unconditional love every single day. I don’t know what I was doing before little Oli came along. If you’re a dog person, you understand what I mean.


So whether you’re single, in a relationship or just simply want to do you today – here’s a mashup of things you can do for you! Enjoy.

Pamper yourself, you deserve it!


Go on Yelp and find out the best places to have an incredible facial or even a back massage in your area. Take this time to give yourself that must needed mani pedi you’ve been delaying. Whether you go after work, during your lunch break or you’re taking the whole day off (shhhh… I won’t tell), do it! You are important and so is your body so take care of it.


Buy that thing you’ve been wanting but too chicken to buy.


For me, this means buying that super luxerous foundation from Sephora that I can afford but probably don’t really need. Now I know money or material items can’t buy happiness but if you work hard then you sure as hell deserve to treat yourself every now and again. Buy that outfit you’ve been wanting or those shoes that are way too high but look incredible on. This can be anything from a new golf set to a piece of jewerly. Whatever it is, make sure it makes your heart and soul happy.

Step outside of your comfort zone. 


Sometimes we get so busy with our everyday lives and constant routine that we forget to step outside of our comfort zone! I love working out and excersing on the daily but I tend to do the same workouts. I’m going to take this day to try a new spin class as my gym. Try out that new painting class or ceramic class you’ve been delaying becuase no one wants to go with you. Even if it takes you doing something entirely alone, DO IT! Maybe you’ll fall in love with a new hobby or meet new people, either way, it’s worth it!

Get lost somewhere you love.


Whether I’m working, writing for my blog or simply want a place to “get away” I go to my favorite coffee shops. I find so much inner peace and rejuvination when I go to these coffee shops becuase they bring me joy and happiness. Wherever this place might be for you, get lost in it and spend your day in an environment you love.

Go out with your favorite people. 


Get out of the house and go out! Whether “going out” means hitting up a local bar or having a lunch date, do it with the people who matter most to you. Get out and spend some quality time with your best friends.


So whatever your heart desires to do today, always remember that you are enough whether you’re single, waiting for “Mr. Right” or in a relationship already. Self-love is literally what you should dedicate your life towards. You deserve everything life has to offer. You deserve the best so never settle for love that doesn’t fullfill you or offer you exactly what you want.

Love yourself to the moon and back, girl (or guy).

As always, thank you so much for your support. I love you and remember to always stay true to yourself because life is too damn short to be anything but happy. 

Sending all the love and blessings your way. 



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