My “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Hey babes!

I don’t know about you but being busy definitely weakens my makeup game. From the gym, to work, to taking care of Oliver, I seem to have zero time for makeup. Makeup was always a given for me, literally everyday was a “full face.” Everything from contour, to highlight, to eyebrows, I’ve always been on point in the makeup department. That’s not to say that I don’t still enjoy makeup and the process of putting on a “full face,” I just don’t do it as often. Nowadays, I probably only wear makeup about once or twice a week – if that. It’s weird but I almost feel like I look better without a ton of cake on my face (younger, radiant, glowy etc.). Trust me though, it’s taken me many years and a damn good skincare routine to feel this confident in my own skin.

Since I’ve pretty much mastered the “no makeup” makeup look, check below on what products I use and how I them!

IMG_0401IMG_0847 2f a c e

This is probably the most important and essential step to a good “no makeup” makeup look. Use your favorite primer. For me, this is a primer that has a nice matte finish and covers up my pores really well.



SMASHBOX photo finish foundation primer  


When I’m really feeling like I want more coverage and more of a matte finish to my look, I normally just go for a good powder. Lately, I’ve fallen back in love with MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix powders. They are incredible to wear alone because of the insane amount of coverage they provide. I would suggest using a small tapered brush and only apply a small amount of powder onto the areas of your face that get most oily throughout the day.


MAC COSMETICS studio fix powder NC35

fullsizeoutput_487bfullsizeoutput_487efullsizeoutput_487db r o w s


On a good brow day, I would normally just leave them alone. If you want more color and coverage, I have found that using a good eyebrow gel is best for that “natural”
look. Glossier is literally my favorite skincare brand so naturally, I had to try their makeup. This brow gel is the best I’ve ever tried – it lasts all day and looks like an amped up version of my natural brows.

GLOSSIER boy brow in brown 

EYES Glossier Boy Brow-1.jpgh i g h l i g h t

Glowing from within should definitely radiate and show on the outside. Find your favorite cream highlight and rub it on the high points of your cheek bone, on the tip of your nose and right on your brow bone. I love using cream highlighters on my more natural days because it gives off that dewy, sun-kissed, ‘just got back from vacay’ look. Aside from everything else they make, ColourPop makes bomb cream highlighters so check ’em out.

COLOURPOP super shock cheek in flexitarian 

fullsizeoutput_4884fullsizeoutput_4885fullsizeoutput_4886fullsizeoutput_4888c h e e k s


I don’t normally put anything on my cheeks but you can certainly opt for your favorite blush. Recently, I’ve been really into Tarte blush colors. The texture is buttery smooth, super buildable coverage and I never find myself touching up throughout the day.

TARTE blush in paaarty

fullsizeoutput_488afullsizeoutput_488bfullsizeoutput_488cfullsizeoutput_488dl i p s


It’s all about the lipliner when going for that, “woke up like this” look. I love putting on a lip pencil to finish off my look. MAC Cosmetics has never failed me with their incredible lip liners. Everything from the longevity, to the texture, to the incredible range of colors – these babies are definitely worth the splurge. Also, you can’t really go wrong with choosing the right color for you. If you’re looking for a good nude shade for example, make sure you select one with your same skin undertone (yellow, blue, warm etc.).

MAC COSMETICS lip pencil in stripdown 



Normally, I settle for using a lipliner alone for a more natural look but you can definitely use your favorite nude lipstick or even gloss to top things off. Lately, I’ve been really into Buxom glosses to not only plump but hydrate my lips throughout the day. Buxom glosses are probably my favorite glosses in the entire world. If you’re a gloss girl and you haven’t tried these, definitely try them! I guarantee you will fall in love with the velvety smooth texture and longevity of these bad boys.

BUXOM gloss in brianna



Whether you’re going for a more natural look or you’re simply in a rush using some of these products will definitely get the job done. I love my skin and I feel super confident going completely bare-faced but at the end of the day, makeup is meant to be fun and I love being able to use little bits here and there. Always remember that makeup is simply an accessory, use it as an enhancement of your natural beauty because girl, you are BEAUTIFUL inside and out.

I hope this post helped you obtain a better sense of how I get my “no makeup makeup” look. Make sure to comment down below or send me an email ( with any questions. Have an incredible day babes.

Sending all the love and blessings your way. 



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