Cheers to a New Year


How have you all been!? Everything from the end of last year to the beginning of this year has been a complete whirlwind of events and changes.

I kinda have a big girl job now and I couldn’t be happier. I am a Behavioral Therapist and I basically get to play with kids all day (I know, dream job!).

Oh yeah, and another piece of major news is . . . I GOT A PUPPY! He’s the sweetest and most adorable red toy poodle in all the land. His name is Oliver. Having a puppy has definitely changed my life for the better. For one, I’m home so much more. Oliver can’t go outside since he hasn’t had all of his shots yet so the poor little guy is stuck at home for a few weeks until he can get his next set of shots. I’ve been potty training him – well, trying to at least (it’s harder than it looks). He’s the best boy and I am IN LOVE.


I’ve been dating a lot more too and having fun for the first time in my life. I used to think of dating as a chore, or something I had to endure. Now, dating is less of a task and more of a fun social thing. Until I find “Mr. Right,” I’m just going to have fun through the process.

My blog has definitely taken a back-burner with everything going on in my life right now but I want to get back on track and start the year strong with blog content. I’m planning on filming a new YouTube video this weekend. What do you all want to see? I’ve been changing up my skincare game and it’s been life changing! I haven’t really been experimenting with makeup since I work with kids and it either ends up on the floor or wiped off somehow (don’t ask). Also, I’m trying to be a lot more minimal with things – especially with clothes! I’ve probably donated close to eight bags full of clothing I either haven’t worn in the last six months or stuff that doesn’t fit me anymore. Aside from all of the ponderous ideas I have, I’m super excited to start writing content again. Blogging makes me incredibly happy and I am feeling inspired again. I hope you enjoy the content to come. By all means, please leave comments down below, follow me on my social media platforms or email me (

Remember to always love yourself first and the world will love you back. 



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