ColourPop to the Test

As a true fan and supporter of ColourPop Cosmetics from literally day one, I’m always on the lookout for new product launches. I’ve tried everything from their ultra matte lipsticks to their eyeshadows and all I can say is good things about the brand and their products. Naturally, I was stoked to find out ColourPop released an entire line of highlighters! As a highlight loving gal, I knew I had to give them a true whirl.

Shopping the ColourPop website is dangerous because you really can’t get past checkout with just one thing. I decided that in order to fully trial these babies I needed to get a good range of colors. I made it through checkout with three of ColourPop’s Super Shock Cheek highlighters and one ultra matte lipstick – of course. 

Check below for my thoughts and details of the Super Shock Cheek highlighters. 




Everything from the name to the sparkly golden goddess tones this highlighter gives off is right up my street. FLEXITARIAN is the perfect golden highlight, suitable for pale, medium and darker skin tones. I love paring this highlight with copper or burgundy eyeshadow colors to compliment a warm, sultry makeup look. This is probably my favorite golden highlighter in my entire collection and that says a lot.






I have to say, this highlight color is a little out of my comfort zone and is totally not what I expected when ordering it. WISP looks a lot lighter on the ColourPop website and nothing like this shade in person! As a true and loyal ColourPop fan, I decided to make this color work one way or another so I gave it a try. It’s a truly beautiful copper, bronze tone highlight that gives off subtle golden flecks. I normally don’t go for a super bronze highlight on my cheeks so this is a nice change and allows me to play up my makeup looks. WISP is a blessing in disguise and I’ve been rocking when I feel like changing things up.















Lunch Money is probably my favorite highlight out of the three. It’s a dreamy champagne color and compliments any makeup look! I’ve been wearing this bad boy literally nonstop. I love it for more natural looks and build it up if I want something a bit more vibrant. I naturally gravitate towards this color of highlight because I think it suits my skin tone well. I love this shade not only on the cheek bones but it’s a great inner eye and even eyeshadow color.







All three of these Super Shock Cheek highlighters are considered pearlized which means they give off a super sparkly and radiant finish on the skin. The color within the package is totally transformed when rubbed onto the skin. It’s almost as if these highlighters work with your own personal skin tone and texture. They have a super creamy and buttery consistency and texture. When applied onto the skin, they are truly radiant and give off a glittery but not too glittery effect on the cheek.


When I first applied these, I was using a fan brush (which is how I normally apply my highlighters) but to my surprise, they weren’t giving off their full potential. Noticing how creamy the consistency was, I decided to try using my fingertips and realized I had been applying them completely wrong! applying these highlighters with your fingertips is a total game changer! If you want an even stronger highlight with more intensity, first apply these creamy gems and then take one of your favorite powder highlighters and apply that with a fan brush right on top.


The versatility of this product is what makes it so unique. Not only are they amazing highlighters but the creamy consistency makes them perfect for the eyes! They serve as incredible reflective and pigmented eyeshadows.


Overall, I’m seriously impressed with these highlighters and will probably end up purchasing more. ColourPop does it again – I’m fully impressed. The low-cost and high quality of each of the products I’ve tried from this rad company makes me love them even more.

Are you a fan of ColourPop? What are some of your fave products? I’d love to know!

Sending so much love and happiness to my love bugs. 




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