And we’re back!

I’m officially back with another loves for you! First off, how is it already August!? I’ve come to the realization that the busier I am, the more time just seems to fly right by. July was both an incredible and tough month for me. I celebrated my sister and nephew’s birthday, which was absolutely incredible. July was also a month of enlightenment for me regarding my happiness and where I see myself. Going into August all I know is that blogging makes me incredibly happy and my goal is to always stay true to myself no matter how hard the journey may seem.

Here’s a mixup of the fashion, beauty and skincare goods I couldn’t put down all month long. Check for links to each item or products that are similar! As always, if you have any questions about any of the items mentioned please feel free to leave a comment down below!

t h e . g o o d s 



b e a u t y 



ColourPop is literally probably one of my favorite makeup lines of all time. Not only is everything so incredibly reasonably priced, but the quality of every item I’ve purchased is pretty awesome. I knew I had to include ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lip in the color trouble maker because its the perfect orangish-nude shade. I wear this color to work for an effortless, natural makeup look. The thing I love most about this shade is it’s low-key enough to give me room to play up my eyeshadow look if I feel like keeping the eyes dramatic for an overall balanced makeup look. If I haven’t convinced you enough to try ColourPop, you’re missing out!

s k i n c a r e 



Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer is the bees knees. This is totally an old love of mine but a July Loves post wouldn’t be complete without a mention of this bad boy. Let’s just say I’m completely obsessed and will probably be forever in love with this product. I use this moisturizer every morning before applying my SPF and after cleansing my face. It’s the perfect, lightweight consistency and leaves my skin feeling so fresh and healthy.



My love for Glossier will never end. I have been obsessed with one of Glossier’s newest universal skin salve. This is Glosser’s birthday balm dotcom and YES it literally tastes and smells like birthday cake. It’s sweet and leaves my lips feeling sparkly and fully hydrated all throughout the day.


Yep, I have another lip product! If you know me you know that everything from moisturizing lip balms to lipsticks, I’m a lip product queen. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this product in a previous “Get Ready With Me” YouTube video but I fell back in love with it. Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm is the perfect nighttime lip moisturizer. I’ve been applying this guy every night before bed and I wake up with super soft, moisturized lips, ready for any type of lipstick application.



Strolling into Urban Outfitters, I made a discovery of their incredible selection of fragrances. I wasn’t necessarily shopping for a new fragrance but this scent is so perfect. Lait de Coco from Urban is a super light and fresh coconut scent that screams summer vibes. I love wearing this to work because it’s light enough for any occasion and keeps me feeling fresh all day. Definitely purchase this if you’re a fan of coconut scented things!

f a s h i o n 



Statement earrings have been a summer staple all season long. I’ve acquired a collection of statement earrings but there’s something about these that keeps me grabbing them ever so often. I love wearing these with my hair slick back in a low pony. They make me look and feel effortlessly chic. Not to mention, I love the vintage 70s vibe these give any outfit. You can find these earrings at Forever 21.



Okay, I know leopard is so 2006 but I just had to buy these! They’re the perfect “go-to” summer sandal. I’m definitely not one for flats but these drew in my attention right away. I’ve been on the hunt for a printed, comfortable sandal that I can just put on and run out the door. I saw these on sale at Urban Outfitters and picked them up right away. I wear these with casual outfits on the weekends. If they’re still on sale, I’ll link them here.

I hope you enjoyed my July Loves! I’m constantly changing up my beauty, fashion and skincare products and I love being able to share them with you. As always, please reach out or comment down below if you have any questions about any of the products mentioned. What items were your obsessed with last month? I’d love to know what your recent loves have been!

Sending so much love and happiness to my love bugs. 



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