April Loves

Hey babes!

Another month has quickly come and gone! April was an amazing month of rediscovering my love for simply being me. It was an incredible month of new finds and simply getting outside of my comfort zone. I tested and experimented with a ton of makeup and had a little fun with my love for coffee. Take a look inside some of the goods I’ve absolutely been loving over the month. Scroll down to find the YouTube video I uploaded in collaboration with this months loves.

Find everything from beauty, makeup to fashion favorites below! I created a YouTube video in collaboration with this months favorites! Check it out below! I’d love if you could like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. It would mean the world!

f a s h i o n 

IMG_0231 2

t h e . f i t 

glasses: Warby Parker

silver hoops: vintage

similar hoops here

gold watch: vintage

similar watch here

lippie: ColorPop Ultra Matte Lip in the color Chi

choker: HRH Collection 

orange tee: Forever 21

black ripped high waisted skinny jeans: Urban Outfitters

heeled black sandals: Target 

c o f f e e 



As you already know, coffee is my thing! Coffee is what literally gets me excited to start my day and helps me be a bit more productive in all that I do. Recently, I’ve been obsessing over the Stumptown Cold Brew. This stuff is amazing! I prepare it with a splash of almond milk, stir and call it a day! My favorite almond milk is the Pacifica Organic, Unsweetened Almond Milk.

i n t e r i o r . d e s i g n 



Okay, so I caved! I bought fake flowers! Yep, those flowers are fake. . .  Honestly, this is the best decision I’ve made regarding flowers. They look gorgeous and really add vibrancy and life to my space. I have cacti (MY TRUE LOVE) all throughout my room and I really think the new addition of these flowers compliment my space nicely. Also, this vase is modern and super chic. Find the vase and an array of beautiful faux florals at Ikea.

b e a u t y 



The glow kit of all glow kits! The Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit by Anatasia Beverly Hills has pretty much been my favorite highlighting palette ALL YEAR! This baby lives on my cheeks anytime I do my makeup. I use this any and every time I do my makeup and I’m completely in love. From the color pay off to the quality, to even how long the formula lasts on my face this bad boy is definitely something every highlight loving individual should own!



The Brow Definer by Anastasia Beverly Hills has been my go-to brow pencil all month long. It has an incredible, long-lasting formula and allows my brow routine to be super fast with its thick wand.



Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Chi hasn’t left my lips all month long. As I’m writing this, I’m even wearing it! It’s the perfect everyday nude shade and I can’t wait to rock it all year long.

s k i n . c a r e 



Clinique’s Smart Night customer-repair moisturizer has been my favorite nighttime moisturizer. It glides on seamlessly and leaves my skin feeling plump and bouncy in the morning.



This is the lip scrub of all lip scrubs! Lush’s Lip Scrub in Honey is dreamy. Not only does it taste incredible (yeah, I know) but it leaves my lips feeling super soft and ready for any matte lippie my heart desires.

e y e . w e a r 


These frames by Warby Parker are basically the spectacles of my DREAMS! The clear frame allows me to still get creative with my eye makeup and goes with everything I wear. I feel like these frames were seriously made for me! They match my personality and act as a rad/chic accessory to any outfit. I haven’t left the house without these bad boys!

That wraps it up for another monthly loves.

If you’ve been loving or curious to try out any of these items definitely let me know in the comments below or email me at rebecca.stylbug@gmail.com. Also, I would love to know what items you’ve been loving this month!

Sending love & happiness to my love bugs.

 xoxo stylbug  stylbug-logo


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