March Loves & a Mini Vlog

Wow, where has March gone!? This past month has literally flown by! I was hesitant about doing a March Loves post because there really hasn’t been any standout loves this month. One thing I can say is I’ve been seriously trying to save money and really focus on “upcycling” clothing by thrifting or buying vintage wear. I’ve already grown a passion for thrifting and vintage hunting so this comes naturally. I’m thinking about doing an entire blog post dedicated to the art of “upcycling” clothing – and yes, it’s an art. Definitely let me know in the comments below if that would be something of interest for you.

Similar to cutting back on buying new clothes, I’ve really been trying to use up the skin care and beauty products I already have – since I probably have way too much of them! It feels good not to spend money on products I really don’t need and use up things I already have in my inventory (some of which I completely forgot about).

Since I promised myself to stay committed to a MONTHLY LOVES post every month, I definitely didn’t want to leave March in the dust. One non-tangible and completely experimental love this past month has been YouTube. Everything from filming to editing to uploading content within my YouTube channel has been a complete joy and literal blast. Although I only have a whopping 10 subscribers, I genuinely love the process. Hopefully in time my channel will grow but as of now, numbers are not of my concern. I want to do something I love and am passionate about and that is exactly what the YouTube platform has become.

With that being said, feel free to check out my latest video here.

I hope you enjoy this super short VLOG as I take you with me on a fun filled day with the fam. We visited the beyond gorgeous Walker Canyon Poppy Fields and a pretty rad taco spot located in Downtown Riverside. Give this video a like and subscribe if you would like to see more from me. XOXO

Sending love & happiness to my love bugs.

 XOXO STYLBUG  stylbug-logo


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