GLOSSIER Phase 1 Set Review

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Lately, I’ve been majorly obsessing over the GLOSSIER brand! I’m sure I’m definitely not alone in saying this but Glossier is such an incredibly rad, “cool girl” skin care and makeup line. They’ve definitely developed into their own and I’m so happy they are growing. The skin first, makeup second mantra they follow is such a true testimate to my own beauty mantra. I’ve always been a key believer in taking optimal care of my skin before even thinking about makeup. Not to mention, Glossier takes the skin is in statement very seriously.

INTO THE GLOSS is Glossier’s very own beauty blog that centers around average and not so average gals (celebs, YouTuber’s) rocking the brand, testing out products and features some rad interviews. I love the fact that this brand shares real and genuine reactions to their products. So if you have a chance, definitely check out their blog to learn more about products and reviews.

In order to fully test out the brand, I wanted to share my genuine reactions of Glossier’s Phase 1 Set. If you’ve ever wanted to try out any of the Glossier products, I highly suggest testing out the Phase 1 Set. Here are my genuine reactions of this set and the brand itself!


The Phase 1 Set 

This is pretty much the best introduction to the Glossier brand. The Phase 1 Set comes with their skin care as makeup game changers. This set includes: the Milky Jelly Cleanser, the Priming Moisturizer, the Balm Dotcom lip salve as well as the Perfecting Skin Tint.


  1. Milky Jelly Cleanser

According to the Glossier website, massaging 1 to 2 pumps of this bad boy does the job to remove makeup, excess oil and dirt for a completely clean feeling. Some of its benefits provide soothing, purifying and nourishing results.



After trying the Milky Jelly Cleanser for myself I’m completely obsessed! I used this product both in the morning and at night. In the morning, it left my skin feeling super clean, refreshed and ready for the day. At night, this bad boy did an awesome job at taking off my makeup without stripping my skin. This is definitely a product I am going to repurchase.

          2. Priming Moisturizer

The Glossier website claims that this product is best used after cleansing, obviously. You’re supposed to massage a few dollops into the face using upward and outward strokes. It provides soothing, redness reducing, oxygenating and buildable benefits.



I used this product right after cleansing with the Milky Jelly Cleanser and toning my face. Since my face is normally red when I first wake up, I definitely saw a noticeable difference in redness reduction. Immediately, when applying this moisturizer, it felt super creamy and light. It’s definitely a great day time moisturizer when you don’t want anything too heavy. I probably wouldn’t use it at night since I like more moisture to rejuvenate my skin while I sleep.

          3. Balm Dotcom

The Glossier website claims that this lip salve provides soothing, moisturizing and conditioning benefits to your lips! It doesn’t end there – this bad boy is for any area of your body that you may need or want a little extra moisture, hence the salve.



I tested this product out for a few different occasions. The first time I used it under lipstick and it definitely gave me a good amount of moisture under my lipstick and pretty much lasted all day. The other time I used it was while at the gym (since my lips get extremely dry when I workout) and it was phenomenal. I could still feel the moisture after my workout and even there after. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for hydrated lips. Glossier also came out with tinted balm dotcom’s that I now definitely want to try out.

          4. Perfecting Skin Tint

Glossier created the Perfecting Skin Tint to provide a sheer coverage with instant dewiness. Some of the benefits include breathable, smoothing, refining and enhancing effects.



There are 5 different shades to the Perfecting Skin Tint. I opted for the shade medium and I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect shade. This product is perfect for those days when you don’t want to wear a full coverage foundation but you still want some type of coverage. I’m either a full face of glam or no makeup at all type of gal so this was definitely something new for me. This product applied and blended into my skin like a dream. Although the coverage is sheer, it’s definitely buildable! This is the perfect amount of coverage for work and school. I am definitely going to be repurchasing this product, so that’s a good sign.

Sending love & happiness to my love bugs.

 XOXO STYLBUG  stylbug-logo


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