What’s in My Bag? (everyday essentials)

Hello loves!

I hope you all had an amazing January and an even better start to the new year. So far, 2017 has been incredible and I’ve never been happier. Thank you for your constant love and support in my journey of growing this blog. XOXO

I’ve always found it a fascinating experience knowing what people carry in their bags. I know for me, the things and little treasures I carry with me differ on a daily basis. Whether I’m working and need my laptop, going to church, having a casual lunch with a friend, or out for a fun dinner date – my bags are constantly changing along with the goods I carry. With curiosity brings inspiration, so here’s a little peak of what’s inside what I like to call, my “everyday bag.”

The Everyday Bag Essentials


t h e . b a g


This is my beloved, vintage mini backpack that I basically throw all the goods in. It’s compact enough to literally take anywhere yet large enough to fit even those not so everyday needs. . . like books! I love it because it super versatile. Sometimes I use the handle and carry it like a cute mini but for the most part I use the straps and use it as a trendy backpack. I thrifted this bad boy from a rad vintage shop called DeeLux located in Claremont, CA. If you’re looking for unique fashion finds definitely check out this shop.

t h e . p l a n n e r


I love this planner so much that I dedicated an entire blog post proclaiming my love for it. Check out my post here: One Day at a Time. I’m the type of gal who needs to literlaly write everything down in order to feel productive and have less anxiety. From daily tasks to monthly goals to even random lists – I write down EVERYTHING in this bad boy. Naturally, this planner goes everywhere with me and I love that it even fits in my vintage mini backpack. You can check out the array of cute and adorable planners by visiting ban.do.

d o l l a . d o l l a . b i l l s


One thing I don’t like about average wallets is how incredibly bulky they can become in your bag. Sometimes they end up just being annoying. Because of this, I’ve always been a fan of smaller and more compact card holders and coin purses. It keeps me organized and accountable to not keeping around unwanted receipts or accumulate trash. I coped this silver metallic mini card holder from Target. Along with my card holder, I keep a coin purse to put all my change. This bumble bee coin purse is also from Target.

t h e . l i p p i e




Normally, my everyday face is a no makeup face with just lipstick. I keep these two lip products with me when I just want to throw on a quick lipstick. I love the color combination because they are neutral and create that your lips but better look. The lipstick is by Maybelline matte in the color 656 clay crush. The lip liner is by NYX in the color intimidate. The combination of these two creates the perfect effortless lip look.

s o f t . h a n d s

These winter months have my hands feeling extremely dry so I always have to carry around lotion to keep them nice and moisturized. A little fun fact about me is my complete obsession with the store Cost Plus World Market and everything they have is amazing! One day I realized they have a pretty impressive stash of lotions and soaps. I stumbled upon this scent, honey almond and feel in love.

o . c . d .


I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’m a little OCD when it comes to cleanliness. I always need some form of hand sanitizer or antibacterial with me at all times. Not only is it good to have in case you run into situations where you can’t wash your hands but it’s a good habit to form and definitely can prevent you from getting sick. This guy is from Bath & Body Works.

f r e s h . b r e a t h


I love carrying gum with me in case I need a bit of a refresher or just want something to chew on. Lately, I’ve been loving Extra’s Berry Burst. It’s a good flavor and leaves my breath feeling super fresh.

w o r d s . o f . w i s d o m


I always need some form of inspiration while on the go. Lately, I’ve been super into audio books from Audible so I always take my headphones with me everywhere I go in case I have some time to kill to listen to my favorite book. In my latest blog post,  January Loves, I talk about some of my favorite books from last month. One book I’ve started reading this month is called Wisdom from Above from Charles F. Stanley. I haven’t been able to put it down since I started! If you love God and you love having daily inspiration from the Bible you will love how this book relates your everyday struggles to the wisdom of THE MAIN MAN.

If you’ve been curious to try out any of these items definitely let me know in the comments below or email me at rebecca.stylbug@gmail.com. Also, I would love to know what miscellaneous goodies you carry in your bags so feel free to share!

Sending love & happiness to my love bugs.

 xoxo stylbug  stylbug-logo

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