Top Products of 2016

Hey there, love bugs!

As the title hints, this is a post dedicated to some of the products I absolutely loved and adored throughout the year. 2016 was definitely a year of sticking to what I know and not really stepping outside of my comfort zone. . . well as far as beauty and skincare goes. January, on the other hand, has been a whirlwind of stepping outside of my box. I’ll save that for my January favorites coming later this month – so stay tuned for that babes!

Picking out the top products I was obsessed with throughout 2016 was definitely a challenge but I thought it may be helpful to create a bit of a mashup of things I couldn’t live without. All of these products I genuinely and honestly used ALL YEAR so it’s pretty safe to say that they can be trusted and are definitely worth a try.

s k i n c a r e 

Let’s begin with the most important – skincare. Taking care of my skin has always been a priority of mine so I’m super picky with the products I use. 2016 was a good skin year for me and I can attribute that to not only a solid and consistent skin regime but to these quality products.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I literally used these moisturizer everyday throughout the year. I have oily to combination skin and this moisturizer has been my true ride or die. I use it every morning before applying my SPF and primer. It’s gentle and leaves my skin feeling supple and ready for the day.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion


Since cleansing my skin is literally an everyday thing, I use up facial cleansers pretty frequently. I’m a “double cleanser” type of gal. What this basically means is that I use a daily cleanser both morning and night before going in with any type of acne wash or scrub. I used this facial cleanser all throughout 2016 and continue to use this trusty baby on a daily basis. It contains simple and purifying ingredients that leaves my skin feeling super soft and completely cleansed.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser


b e a u t y 

Since skincare was really my number one priority throughout 2016, my beauty game wasn’t really up to par. That’s totally okay with me though! I’ve come to the point in my life where I’d rather focus my money and attention on quality skin goods than on makeup. One thing I did invest in last year was this awesome palette. I literally used this bad boy for my simple, everyday looks to even nights out. I love playing with all of the colors it offers and it really compliments my brown eyes well. Literally anytime I’m doing eyeshadow, I pick this up – it’s dreamy babes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette



t e c h 

I would definitely consider myself a bit of a nerd when it comes to tech related things. This year, I amped up my iPhone game and decided to invest in the iPhone 6s Plus. This bad boy hasn’t left my side ever since. I not only use it for some of my blog and Instagram photos but it keeps up with my hectic schedule and creative lifestyle.

iPhone 6s Plus



f a s h i o n 

A 2016 list of loves and favorites wouldn’t be complete without a mention of my beloved fashion gem that didn’t leave my side all year long. This truly unique and vintage piece was my grandmothers and I hope I make her proud every time I style it. I continue to rock this piece into 2017 as it is my go-to and favorite outerwear piece. It’s the perfect, warm accessory to every outfit.

Vintage Leopard Coat (similar)


I tried my best to narrow down my top products of 2016 so I hope this mashup is helpful. Please let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried out any of these items, have any questions about them or are thinking about taking the plunge and purchasing. Also, I’d love to to know what you couldn’t live without last year! Feel free to share in the comments below.

Sending love & happiness to my love bugs.

 xoxo stylbug  stylbug-logo

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