The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Hello love bugs!

I know it’s been a while (a week and a half to be exact) since my latest post but I’m back! It’s been a super hectic past week and a half but a learning experience nonetheless. Let’s just say that things didn’t go as planned regarding a job opportunity and it’s created a minor setback. To make the long story short, I accepted a particular job opportunity that I thought was going to be a fantastic option for me, my interests and qualifications. A week into it, the job was nothing I expected it to be. This was a job that I couldn’t put my heart and soul into and therefore, I immediately knew it wasn’t for me. I’m making light of the situation based on an important premise – one in which I have followed for as long as I could remember. This premise is that things happen for a reason. I’ve followed this mantra forever and to be frank, it has gotten me through a lot of not so fun times within my life.

Something that I’ve realized throughout this failed job experience is that there are always going to be more jobs and more opportunities for me to thrive upon. With this in mind, I’ve decided to prevail and turn this situation into a positive learning experience. I’m coming at you from one of my favorite coffee shops on the job hunt grind, once again. This time around, I’m learning that jobs that may look good on paper may not necessarily mean they are good fits for me. By putting my happiness, passion and true interests at the forefront, I believe will result in only positive and amazing job opportunities.

On another note, I’ve realized that I want to share the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to life. Situations that come up or things that don’t necessary go as planned are super important for me to share with my readers. I hope you don’t mind the deep conversations, realizations and not so fun life events that may come up. I want to be able to openly share my life with you all and that life ups and downs.

Sending love & happiness to my love bugs.

If you made it this far, THANK YOU.

 xoxo stylbug  stylbug-logo

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