One Day at a Time

Let’s have a chat about planners, notebooks, agendas. . . whatever terminology you may use to refer to these little tools to help guide you through your daily life. This is a blog post solely dedicated to the art of planning. Now, you may ask yourself what is a planner and why is it so necessary? To me, a planner is a small, portable, personal notebook that holds “to-do” lists, daily tasks, monthly appointments, goals, contacts and any little gems you hold near and dear to your heart that must be written down or remembered. You probably haven’t pondered the art of planning in this manner but if you’re a cray cray “agenda-loving,” planning obsessed, organization obsessed, OCD, type-A personality like myself – YOU TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. So if you’re not so into having a meticulously planned out day or life, you may want to exit while you can. Hehe.

Among the array of unforgettable and amazing birthday gifts I received last week, one particularly special gift stood out. This gift aids in my planning, overly organized personality type in so many ways. Now before I tell you about this incredible gift, I must explain something. I believe in doing your research when it comes to deciding on the PERFECT planner, since you know, it’s such an important decision and all. I couldn’t tell you the amount of research I did before deciding on this stand out option. This planner in particular, stood out because of all of the awesome features it includes that really aren’t conventional planner attributes.

Upon doing so, I stumbled upon a company called Ban.dō. LITERAL DREAMS! Ban.dō is a site dedicated to all things ADORABLE and basically LIFE. From planners to backpacks to phone accessories to even portable coffee mugs – this site makes everything else look basic. I was mostly drawn to Ban.dō’s amazingly unique and adorable beyond words prints and patters on everything they design! The planners they offer are to die for and I immediately knew I needed one. Not only are these prints and patterns extremely aesthetically pleasing but what’s inside is what truly sold me! Not only can you plan out your day-to-day but there are endless sections for monthly plans and even yearly goals. Not to mention, every month includes a cute, motivating and inspiring message associated with it. Oh yeah, did I mention the stickers!? Every planner comes with a set of adorable stickers to help you get through your plans and goals. It was truly LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. When I saw the endless opportunity for planning my days, months and year in such a creatively inspiring way, I knew this was the planner for me. So thanks to Ban.dō, I will now have an AMAZING rest of 2016 and 2017 with this trusty planner by my side.

I am beyond excited to start writing in this bad boy! Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make all the difference. For me, being able to plan out my day-to-day tasks and set goals allows me to stay focused and stay on track towards accomplishing those goals. From blog posts to work to scheduling in time with friends – this planner will be my trusty sidekick!

Check out the PLANNER OF MY DREAMS BELOW . . .


the gorgeous outside cover



the inside cover


monthly breakdown according to year


colorful side tabs


monthly goals


breakdown of holidays


adorable graphics



notes section



these graphics are EVERYTHING





monthly motivators




claim your territory


endless sticker options

Sending love & happiness to my love bugs.
If you made it this far, THANK YOU.

 xoxo stylbug  stylbug-logo

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